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    Arrow Opel kadett E 1984

    who can make the this opel kadett E for me and then replace the nissan 350z with a tuning kit that jou have with the 350z like this:


    and the tuning version:

    Allready thnx for who want to make it

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    this was a great idea, i would have done it if i knew how to mod

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    we have so many of them here... that would be a cool mod to do.
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    i think this is called a vaxhaul astra in the uk

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    Yeah, out here that was just an Astra . And I like the first one, but what's with the majorley riced-out second one? *bleh*

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    its a bloody vauxhall astra merit lol maybe do an astra gte

    sorry couldnt find better pic is rare car nowadays
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    i dont know for me it's still a opel or vauxhall KADETT E


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