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    Default R* Social Club Weekend - PSN, XBL and LIVE

    Social Club Weekend

    This Weekend, December 12 through December 14, play Midnight Club Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto IV online all weekend to challenge Rockstar at their own games and then go to Rockstar Games Social Club for chances to compete for limited-edition Rockstar gear and prizes. Here’s a full run-down of all the events.

    Take on some of the folks who helped bring you Midnight Club Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto IV. Each day, Rockstars will be logging on to throw down the online multiplayer gauntlet per the following schedule:Friday Dec 12th, 6-9 PM EST : Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox LIVE and PLAYSTATION Network Saturday Dec 13th, 12-4 PM EST: Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) on Games for Windows LIVE Sunday Dec 14th, 4-7 PM EST: Midnight Club Los Angeles on Xbox LIVE and PLAYSTATION Network. Check out for a full list of Rockstar Gamertags and PSN IDs for each day so you’ll know who to look for.

    Enter our inaugural Video Editor Contest at Rockstar Social Club TV for the chance to win a Grand Theft Auto IV prize pack and a $300 shopping spree at our Rockstar Warehouse ( online store – where you can purchase of Rockstar games, clothing, and limited-edition merchandise. Just what Aunt Sadie wants for Christmas! To enter, create a video using the Grand Theft Auto IV PC in-game Video Editor suite of tools and upload your clip any time between December 12th through the 14th using the tag ‘best-in-class-contest’. Rockstar will then pick the winning clip, looking at editing skills, user ratings, and overall creativity. Keep checking back throughout and following the weekend to see how other Social Club members think your clip fares against the rest and stay tuned for the winner announcement.

    Midnight Club Los Angeles players, log in to Social Club, access the Midnight Club Los Angeles area’s new Tournaments feature and register anytime Friday December 12th or Saturday December 13th to be eligible to compete in our first official Midnight Club Los Angeles Tournament – the Ocean to LA River Time Trial. The actual tournament will take place all day Sunday December 14th. Log in to Xbox LIVE or PLAYSTATION Network anytime on Sunday and race any car in the designated “C” car class (which includes such tuners and muscle cars as the RX8 Shinka, the ’99 Eclipse GSX and the ’70 Challenger R/T) in the “Ocean to LA River” race as often as you’d like. The eligible player with the best recorded time on PLAYSTATION 3 and the eligible player with the best recorded time on Xbox 360 will each win a Midnight Club Los Angeles prize pack and a $300 shopping spree at Rockstar Warehouse. Best of luck and look for ongoing Midnight Club Los Angeles online tournaments to keep rolling in the months to come.We’re not done! All Social Club members who log in and participate at any time during the weekend will be eligible to win one of the 24 Rockstar prize packs we’ll be giving away each day – that breaks down to one for each hour of the entire weekend. For eligibility, rules, and other details for all of the above Social Club Weekend events – go to:
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    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.


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