Hi guys!

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    Default Hi guys!

    My name is Dino and i live in Croatia. Im 26 years old and i love racing games.
    I played Colin Mcrae Rally 1 and 2 most of the time. i love GTR2 becose
    its 1 of the best simulation i ever seen. When i bought TDU (PC) and my G25
    i hit champion in 7 days hehe. Now i enjoy playing hardcore mode and drift with corvette 69' . Im also looking for club that cruises around, drift, and races. Cya in o'ahu :bananajump:

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome.. GTR2 'eh? I've been thinking about picking it up (for 360 though).. Be weary you sig pic is a bit too big.. I'd advise fixing it
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Hi there and welcome to the boards, enjoy your time here and be sure to post any cruises, pics and even videos you do in the board.

    I'm a bit mental.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome, have fun at TDU Central...We have a section for cruises and meetings on the PC area, take a look...

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome to TDU Central

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Thank you guys. I wasnt online 4 days. whay people need to work? :eek_blue:


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