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    Default SotW! [Week 6]

    Congratulations again to Reaper for winning SotW!

    The theme he chose will be GTA

    Screenshot of the Week!

    Theme of the Week: GTA

    1. No Noticable Photoshopping (Apart from Borders, Brightness/ Contrast, Your Name/Logo)
    2. No voting for yourself come poll day!
    3. The pictures must be taken by you!!
    If you do not like this theme, then let me know without all screaming at me.
    5. No entering of photos that have previously won SotW.
    6. Can be from any game on any platform available, except TDU.
    7: Pictures are to be 800x600 in pixels or smaller.

    New Rules (Please Read)
    If you wish to change your entry, please just edit your original post and replace the old pic with your new one. (This is just to help keep the thread clean and make it simpler for me to find the correct pics when I make the poll. Thanks )

    Please note: If there are more than 50 entrants then the first 50 will be the ones entered into the vote, as this is the limit. Because of this I will try to keep the first post up to date so you always know how many people have already entered. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    (Rules nicked from Speed's "otW" thread's).
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    Are flash remakes (e.g. from Newgrounds) allowed? If so then:

    Those orange things are explosions

    This is the game I took it from:

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