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    Default Question and Request: Is it possible to change the steering wheel?

    Hey I was wondering if its possible to change the steering wheel or take a steering wheel from another car in the game. If anyone knows pleas tell I really want to get a steering wheel to one of my car. cant remember what wheel or the name of the car but Who cares..

    Srry for bad english..

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    It's possble, extract the file from the interior,
    take all the file that has steer like ts_steer etc and replace it to another car.

    NOTE: the file name and size must be same or else I don't think it will work, then choose another car

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    That will only change texture. If ZlaskeN does want a different shape for its wheel, that won't help him.

    To change wheel shape, ZModeler must be used onto the car model.

    And size problems are gone now Please update.
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    I don't think so, because there is a file called ts_ or ws_ for 3D diagram

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    Maple, you're a texture modder. The Wheel is within the 3D MODEL files, the 4 3dm/3dg etc files. The textures you're on about just change the look/colour of the wheel.

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    but he want to switch it from one car to another, not to create a new one.

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    You would need to move the 3d mesh AND the textures. Moving the 3d mesh requires ZModeler. The 3d mesh defines the shape of the wheel, the texture just adds texture/color to the 3d mesh. If you only move the texture & not both, the new wheel will look horrible.
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