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    Default Problems with router on my computer!

    Right. I made the decision to make a topic about this

    Basically I have been having problems on day 1 with GTA IV on the PC.

    "1) It came a day late.
    2) Automatic activation never worked so spent 10 minutes writing out the codes.
    3) That finally worked then I couldn't log into the social club.
    4) I then was able to log in but then I tried starting the game and got Error "RMN40".
    5) I then googled that and found out it was because I never had Service Pack 3 for my XP.
    6) So I went and downloaded Service Pack 3. But I was stupid at first as I had all sorts of programs running in the background which slowed the install down and after a while it crashed on me. I spent 3 hours looking at the screen to see if it would move (as instructed by people on Teamspeak) but then I had had enough so I went and pressed the reset button after a 10 second countdown from S71NG3R . It then willfully rolled back to Service Pack 2 and after about half an hour I was back to Service Pack 2 and was my PC was fully functional.
    7) I then eagerly tried reinstalling Service Pack 3 last night with nothing running and went and watched a DVD. I left the PC on until the morning and it didn't install properly. So now i'm right back to Service Pack 2.

    And I have no idea what I should do?

    I do get errors with C++ Runtime every now and again so maybe it's best to reformat my PC and back everything up and reinstall windows?"

    Basically I have done what I have said above. I have gone and formatted my harddrive and have installed Windows XP. Of course I thought I would have had the Product Key for it but I didn't which screwed me over so much. I spent the entire day phoning people and using the laptop to search for ways to try to find out ways I could get it back, with no avail. I did however find something which showed you how to find your CD Key on your disc in some hard-to-find notepad document. I then thought I had found my product key but went to use it on my Windows XP installation but of course that never worked as it was the one Microsoft put on the disc as a reference so then my hopes had dropped about it. I then had one last look on the internet and remembered I had two harddrives and one still had XP installed on it so I went and downloaded a program and used it to retrieve my product key from my registry which in the end was the right key so I was relieved about that. I finished installing XP about 3am in the morning and now I have the problem with configuring my router to access the internet!

    So now my dad has phoned up some computer company to try to get someone to come down and help with the problem. The last time my dad did this because we had no idea how to configure the router to get on the internet and some professional did it for us. It is gonna cost a lot of money though and my dad has said that this is the last time he is gonna pay for it. I would really like to know how to do it myself without having this hassle again because if I do get Windows Vista which I may get soon then I am gonna have to do this all over again and then have to pay for it again which I don't want to do!

    So I was wondering if any of you lot had any suggestions?

    My router is a Buffalo WBMR G54. I currently have a wireless internet connection from it to the laptop but the newly formatted computer will not recognise the router and therefore will not allow me access to the internet. Although the internet still works on my other harddrive for some reason.
    I have unplugged my router and replugged it back in etc.. to no avail. I also can't access the configuration page for it as when I type in the IP for it still says it can't access the internet and I think you need a connection for this?

    My whole weekend has basically been spent problem solving trying to reinstall Windows just to play GTA IV which really seems a lot of hassle if you think about it, so if anybody has been in a similar situation then you will know how I feel.

    So yeah I am at the end of my tether atm about this and would be greatful for some advice or something if anyone can help and it would be much appreciated.
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    My solutions (simple) are to:

    a)ask the guy what he did (if and when he fixes it).

    b) spend money on a new router.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    You'll have to run the internet connection wizard to re-setup your connection.
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    Have you got a disk with drivers on it for your computer?

    It sounds like you have the correct drivers installed, or none at all for the ethernet.


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