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    Default Jaguar XKSS and Racing Green TVR and Jaguar

    Just got back from Racing Green TVR and looking at another Tuscan when the machanic there invites us into the workshop there to have a look at their Jaguat XKSS they have. Its one of 16 cars built and it was the first one built and the show car for the New York motorshow. Worth about 2 million pounds now. He started it up for us and talked about it, fantaistic. Build from some spare D-type chassis they had and put a great engine in it sot it went 146 mph, 0-60mph in 5.5sec and 0-100mph in 13.5sec. Not bad for a car made in the mid 50's.

    Racing Green now race the car at GoodWood so you may have seen it. Some pics;

    For the rest of the photo's I flicked together this to show them as well as a sound clip of the Jag XKSS (didn't come out very well).

    Took me a while to find a host for it.
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