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    Default Xbox Steering Wheel

    Does anyone here have the official xbox wheel.
    I got one there a while back, its very good but involves alot of control as its very sensitive.
    Its great with PGR because it has the force feedback which makes it alot better, with TDU its a bit different as there is now force feedback but all in all its still good.

    It costs alot of money but worth the buy.

    The only problem with it is in TDU when your on the map you cant pick a any road or place as your control is limited. Also when you want to paint your car its hard to view it of what the colour looks like, your not able to rotate the camera around your car to see the true colour.

    I would say that the wheel is the best one that has been released by any manufacturer/company, Microsoft really took their time designing this wheel and done it right.

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    Default Re: Xbox Steering Wheel

    To be honest I think the MS Wheel comes in second. I have had one and a Mad Catz and a Logitech one and i definitely think the Logitech wins in the end.

    I agree there are some things that could be added to any of the wheels, the missing left stick is a problem as you say.

    I think the Logitech has the best construction, the MS wheel loosens up a bit after a time due to the plastic bearings it uses whereas the Logitech has steel bearings and rack & pinion (ish) steering, it is very positive and the FF works well in TDU and PGR. It also has a sensitivity adjustment on it which is helpful in TDU.

    I did have to buy my one on the web from Germany but that was a while ago now I am sure they are available here now. Definitely worth the investment.

    Only my opinion though, I would love to hear what other people think.

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    Default Re: Xbox Steering Wheel

    ive got the ms wheel but it just doesnt feel that great i love my dads momo wheel for that

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    Default Re: Xbox Steering Wheel

    i usually chenge from steering wheel to controler, it just depends



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