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    Default Lamboghini Reventon

    the ultimate lambo, any modder who makes this, is the best (i know its nothing, but its mabye a interesting car for a modder)
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    It can replace the Edonis, The Edonis is Italian(perfect) and there is no other one, so you can re-name it, change the Logo's, do the police mod, and good statics make it perfect, and no one drives with the Edonis anyways

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    I thought there was one in the making/nearly finished, could be finished as the last time i seen it was quite a while ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jug of Slime »
    I thought there was one in the making/nearly finished, could be finished as the last time i seen it was quite a while ago
    That was Mightred's attempt in Google Sketchup, However Tool said that it would require too much work, as MightyReds had modelled the entire car into one model (IE, no seperate files for windows/lights/doors/interior etc)

    Was a good looking model, too.

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    *supports request* But I think too much work has to be done to the car and I don`t think the Reventon can be imported from any game...

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    There's one reventon for GTA SA although I don't know the polycount, but I think it's pretty much high poly. But with nice interior and engine (so if you delete engine you might be able to reduce polygons)


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