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    Default Honda F1 - R.I.P.

    Oh well looks like an F1 team is about to collapse

    Lets hope Jense gets a jobs ... he's not a bad driver
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    just seen this, such a shame but I suppose with the current economic climate honda simply cant afford to throw money into F1 and get nothing back.

    Honda doesnt really do performace cars much these anyway. I hardly see any S2000s and the Integra/Civic Type R aren't trully sports cars.

    However, if they pull out of Motorbike racing I will be very shocked, Honda makes one of the fastest bikes on the market, the fireblade, which is pretty succesful in racing.
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    Just saw this on Pretty sad. I really think F1 is kinda going down the tubes. They may loose Alonso if they standardize engines. So F1 should go back to what they were in the 2005 season.

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    Heard this on Radio 1 earlier, its aq shame as I liked Honda just a shame about reliability issues etc. As you say I hope Jenson gets a new team, it would be a shame to see him leave the sport

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    I want to buy their Honda Civic Coupe on ebay

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    Bit off topic and bringing up an old threead.

    But on topic I read that they are still looking for a buyer and that they are looking to pen a deal with Ferrari for engines.


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