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    Default XBL Avatar: The winter collection is now available

    The winter collection is now available for your avatar

    The next time you sign in to Xbox LIVE, be sure to check out the new winter items just released for your avatar. All of the items are completely free, so try them all on for JUST the right look.
    Tip: It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since your last sign in.

    From Major Nelson

  2. t.
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    I am wearing the new coat, along with pretty much everyone else. Good times.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tWm. »
    I am wearing the new coat, along with pretty much everyone else. Good times.


    I'm still waiting on my hockey jersey pack that I hope will come out .

    I will pay 500 microsoft points just to have a Calgary Flames/LA Kings jersey on my avator .
    Canada 2010 Ice Hockey Winter Olympic Gold Medal winners!

  4. Who
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    *waits for EA businessman to view this thread*
    *businessman sees potential for money*
    *jersey goes on sale tommorow*
    Formerly Crazed Dodgem/Lwsbrck

    I'm not dead!

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    Talking of ice hockey, it was on channel 4/5 (can't remember, was late night ) and man, I found it the most boring thing ever to be seen on ice. Second only to Dancing on Ice.
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

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    ^^^Tee Hee.

    I wonder how long its going to be before we start getting charged for Avatar gear. I can already see a huge line of EA labelled gear and R* stuff shortly after that

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    Well if they do start charging for the clothes, just remember I'll have some slightly used outfits I'll sell you cheap. lol


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