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    Default Unusual task freezes

    Hi all, I wonder if somebody has a famialr experinces.

    I discover lately that TDU makes a taskfreezes after about 1 or 2 minutes of driving. I never had this problem befor. What confuses me.

    So far my guesses:

    I restored modded cars I installed in about the time the problems appeared.
    No diffrences.

    I runned mods of all kind befor and had no problem. So I doubt its the mods.

    I also run the game in a window sinces I have it. I kinda doubt it that its that either.

    I also tryed a offline savegame but that gave no diffrences to. So I guess savegames are ok too.

    What I rember me is that windows installed an update recently. Maybe it has to do with that?

    I also Installed new grpahicard drivers not to long ago. But I think to rember that after the reinstall of drivers I had not this problem.

    So I don't know currently what should be the reason for the task freezes.

    I'm thinking about reinstalling the game itself to see if that changes something.

    Has anybody suddenly such experinces that the game tasks freezes out of blue after a few minutes?

    A friend had a familar problem like this. the problem came for him out of the blue as well. but for him it went away from alone. (he did noting).

    For those who wonder
    Yes I installed ejays magic map tool
    Yes I have latest game patch
    Yes I have megapack

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    you should try deleting the radial.cdb file ( if you can't find it, google radial.cdb deleter) and you will find a program, download and run that. secondly, you sould run a program called Cleanup! it may not have anything to do with the problem, but just download and run it anyway. it deletes all unneccery system files and they may be interfearing with your game.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hello Dr. Evil, I think you hited the nail on the head.
    Deling the radial.cdbfile seemed to let me play at last longer then 2 minutes.
    At last i discovered no task freezes after a short test.

    I still got a long time test to do but I have rigth now not the time. But it seems to help. Thank you for pointing me to this. I had to google way longer to remind me on this.

    For cleanup! program, can you give me a few informations about it maybe? I did not try that yet but it sounds spooky.

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    thats excellent! clean up! is a program that is fine, it doesnt have any virus', trust me on that one. it will speed up your pc by deleting all the un-neccery files like cookies, temp, exct.. you can download it at:

    However, if you do not trust me or this program, i am not forcing you to install it. I have not had any virus' from it. i run it and i have not had ANY unusual things happen to my pc.
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