TDU on PS3?

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    Default TDU on PS3?

    are they going to make test drive compatible with ps3??????????

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    Default Re: TDU on PS3?

    There hasn't been any official word, but I personally don't think it will happen. Microsoft paid too much money for it to be Xbox 360 exclusive.

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    Default Re: TDU on PS3?

    No, unforunately.

    During an interview with one of the lead men, Ahmed had expressed that the team had discussed a PS3 version. However, the PS3 was new at the time, and the team decided to pass on it. A few felt the developing time might take longer than they were wanting to.

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    Default Re: TDU on PS3?

    He may have been referring to the PS2 version of the game. As we all know the European version of the PS3 is not compatible with all PS2 games and I don't know whether TDU PS2 is compatible with the PS3. I haven't heard any word of it either.

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    Default Re: TDU on PS3?

    McLaren hit it bang on.. There will not be a TDU for the PS3 because of development issues, heard it off IGN about a year ago now....
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