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    Default Hello

    I'm new here and wanted to say hi to all. I've been play TDU on PC since it came out. I've been playing online a little over a year. I just started messing around with video, I would really like to be able to make clear vids, any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated, simplest terms please. My videos look great until they are uploaded onto yt, then they look as if I'm driving through a rainstorm with no windsheild wipers...looking to improve.

    Here's one of my first vids(nothing fancy) driving a GTR along N. coast chased by Lambo and Enzo

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    Hey, welcome to TDU-C. hope you enjoy being here and have fun!

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    Gday I'm wondering why the video is and your in the us according to your location

    Welcome to TDU-C
    A pirate's life for me... wait was that out loud?

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    I am using MPH on my speedometer


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