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    Default Fastest Man Alive Gets Dream Drive in a Ferrari

    Fastest Man Alive gets dream drive in a Ferrari

    Posted Nov 26th 2008 5:01PM by Jonathon Ramsey

    Usain Bolt now wears the mantle of Fastest Man Alive having set world records in the 100 and 200 meter sprints at last summer's Olympics in Beijing. Fitting then that he was placed in one of the fastest cars in the world recently to take a stroll around one of the richest places in the world: Monaco. In the principality for the IAAF awards, Bolt was given the keys to drive an F430 along portions of the F1 circuit in the city. You can check out the gallery of high-res photos below while we wait for word on if he set any world speed records in the process.

    Photos :

    Source : Autoblog

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    Not bad... I wouldnt mind taking a
    F430 for a Spin lol.
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    Yeah, he deservs it. The fastest man in a fast Ferarri.

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    He deserved it

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    Did the Ferrari drive with its laces undone? Or slowed down near the end?

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    Wooot. Lightning Bolt got to drive a F430!!. Yay! Jamaican's FTW

    He totally deserved a drive cause he is the fastest man in the world.

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    Would have thought they would have put him in a Enzo, but still, nice. Should think he'll be able to afford one soon if he keeps up the way he's going .


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