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    Default Admin pls delete this post

    Admin pls delete this post
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    not tryin to "wee" on your fire, but thats a copyright infringment

    you cannot copy someones work and remove the water marks, then portray it as your own. just becarfuly, im saying as a mate but the creator wouldnt be as considerate

    bad spellin i know
    Shinny Side Up

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    He did the same with R3aper`s`s easy just to edit others work and say it`s yours, let me see you making a picture from the scratch

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    What have you done to the lights?! *shudders* and Yea.. I was easy on you over the Z4 thing but removing the creators tag from that image is.. yea, pretty disrespectful. Hey you're young, you might learn.

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    Then I woke up in France...

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    Yeah I agree with the comments here. It's basically like if I took a picture and posted it on the internet with my logo. Somebody then took off my logo changed it a bit and added their logo removing my logo and not asking permission or anything from the original author. How would you feel?

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    Why would you post this in the first place....? I suggest you re-read the rules of this forum again and watch this video....{[Posting and YOU]}
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    alright, I was just trying to make a wallpaper for my self, not really to show it through, ADMIN PLS DELETE THIS POST!


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