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    Default Magical Police Car

    Hello all,

    Whilst on a couple of missions, I've noticed that I'm driving into a police car....that isnt even there.

    Its happened about 4 / 5 times now, espeically on the car delivery missions where i'm trying to get them perfect.

    Could this be a currupt file, or just a small bug...?


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    I'm sure it happened to all of us. I think it's a small bug.

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    Yeh funny enough i was on a crusie with Sunny And i smashed into one at 242 MPH sent em flying lol...
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  4. Wasley is offline Rusted Banger
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    Its a right pain in the arse. I've had it about 5 times now in the delivery missions.

    I was 2.1 miles away from my destination and the damn thing nailed me.....

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    use the traffic mod temporarily i know its a pain in the arse and its cheating but its the only way to stop the issue

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    traffic mod - christ !!!

    what difference does it make, apart from the cash fine ???
    thats like saying use a money hack, and never worry about police fines again !!!

    i swear i think im going daft


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