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    This might be a noob question but I've always wondered how to make signatures XD (Note: I found this signature off a website )

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    All I do personally is find a pic I like and crop it and/or resize it and added my name, as for other sigs you see on here alot of them use photshop (other photo editing software is available).

    Little tip this section of the forum is for site feedback, this would be better suited to the photograpgphy and graphics section found here (don't worry bout making a new topic in there as a mod will move this one in a while ) In this section yo'll find a few threads about sigs and making them.

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    Haha sorry I guess I didn't look hard enough for that part of the fourms. XD

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    Welcome Evolution. I'm one of the few who make signatures on this forum on photoshop. I will be glad to help. PM me sometime.

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    I thought most of the people here used Photoshop.. Maybe I was wrong. Anyways, I use it aswell.

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    To behonest i can make really good sigs and i use freeware called Paint.NET
    Its really good and it works a treat.

    (Ok i no my sig isnt speshal but i can make better I just Cba lol)
    Babi mac breakaway
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