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    Exclamation Dream Team: Coulthard, Jordan join BBC F1 coverage

    Dream Team: Coulthard, Jordan join BBC F1 coverage

    Posted Nov 28th 2008 7:00AM by Noah Joseph
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    Remember how excited we got when rumors started flying about the short-list of candidates to host NBC's version of Top Gear? Well, the BBC's original version isn't about to change any time soon, but another motor-related program is coming to the Beeb, and racing fans over on the British Isles have been getting all hot and bothered as the BBC has won the contract to broadcast Formula One grands prix. And it's sure to be a star-studded cast.
    For starters, David Coulthard won't be staying in retirement long. After having ended his long racing career at the end of this past season, Coulthard will be joining the BBC coverage team. He'll be joined by former team owner Eddie Jordan, alongside sports anchor Jake Humphrey. BBC's radio coverage of the races will be handled by former driver and longtime commentator Martin Brundle along with Jonathan Legard, while Ted Kravitz and Lee McKenzie report from the pitlanes. Veteran commentator Murray Walker will stay on through the BBC Sport website, leaving the actual coverage to the new crop of talent. Hopefully we'll be able to understand half of what they're all saying.

    From Autoblog

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    Blimy BBC have done this properly it seems. The thing is ITV have seemed to have lots of contacts in the pits, is this all put on (every press person and pretend to know people) or will the BBC lack this for a couple of years. They seem to get information about events from people in the pits about controversies as they happen.

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    I reckon people in the pits have been about for a while and probably respected so drivers will talk to them

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    Now we just need Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen to drive Enzo's and McLaren F1's as pace cars at every race. Then, I'll be happy.

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    I had the wrong Jordan in mind..

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