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    Default 'allo

    Hi everyone, Im from the US and have been playing TDU since almost day 1 of its release. I uninstalled it in Dec 07 because I felt slighted with the DLC that xbox/PS users had been enjoying for almost 6 months, and wouldnt have bothered to return if it wasnt for Atari finally releasing the mega-pack.
    so hope to see you all sometime on the roads of HI

    Ive been playing racing games since NFS4, I follow the NFS series mostly for nostalgia, since the series has gone to the wayside (although I did enjoy PS, I am about the only person I know who did...)
    I quite literally own about 70-80 racing games for the PC, and honestly havent completed, or even installed, all of them

    I actually held some of the top ten spots briefly for TDU, until the cheaters took over the leaderboards, then when atari reset them, I held those spots again, until again the cheaters ruined it. I am all about fair play, I dont cut tracks (while racing only, I will if its just cruising) nor do I cheat, if I meet someone who does, rest assured I'll leave their area immediately.
    Im sure it will take me some time to get back into the groove of TDU again, since I havent played it in almost a yr, and Ive gotten a new wheel since then.... but with luck, it will be like riding a bike

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to TDU-C Mate enjoy your stay xD
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    to TDU:C

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    Welcome to this Community ^^

    "Impossible is nothing"

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    Watch out for the squirrels - they're evil here

    Welcome to the home of Randomness, enjoy your stay

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    Hallo there, welcome here! Nice to see another person who likes NFS

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    Welcome to TDUC! Nice to see another NFS player.

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    Merry Christmas!

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    thanks for the welcomes everyone.
    TDU still hasnt been reinstalled, life takes priority at the moment
    but rest assured, it will be soon, Im dying to drive those porsches !!!


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