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    Default Going to be Looking for a club.

    Im going to be looking for a club...

    Speed Slow stroll Road laws anything you name it ill do it...
    Only because ive got a TT in real life thats all i mainly drive but top end of 170 MPH so should do it lol.

    If you guys no of any as soon as i get game online let me no

    Cheers xD
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    *Off Topic* They do a 2.0L corsa!!?? I love panning all the boy racers in my Golf GTi!!

    PS - I'd be happy to join a new club, I haven't played online for aaaaaages!!

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    You wudnt be able to handle my corsa dude its a 2.0 conversion
    Extreme q
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    You can join my club, when i get home i will see what the name is, as i forgot.


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