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    Question Billing Information Not Working. Please Help..Anyone?

    I got a PS3 for ma bday, and ave tried to set up my billing information but (yes, theres a but obv), It wont accept my information i give..
    now i have used the same info on my official bank letters, change card type, typed info in capitals.. Nothing Works!!

    Any help please..?
    And has anyone else had the same problem?
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    Its not a Debit Card is it?
    Because i know people who have had problems useing them on the billing info best thing You should try insted of useing the card number ect... use your bank book info that should hopefully work let me know if it doesnt.

    But can i ask why you want a PS3 there crap to be fair... Just get a mega rig PC
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    PC hasn't got really any ground-breaking games since the early 2000s, so people are forced into consoles, which is where the PS3 comes in.

    Not sure mate, but I've also heard about people having problems on billing info with debit cards before. Try a few more times, making sure you have EVERY bit right, and if it still doesn't like it, give Playstation a call and explain to them the problem, maybe they can help.


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