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    Default Ventrilo (Speak to Us)

    If Any of you guys play TDU on PC (witch you do)
    If you would like to have a chat and crusie for a bit join me on my Ventrilo Server its basicly like TeamSpeak But Better...

    You Can Download the client from You need version 3.0.2 And that is mainly it i will post the ip details and port numbers once you come on ill make you a account and you can pop in and out when ever you feel like it + any1 in the world can join so you can get lots of people all talking about driver where they are going and when should be quite good fun if any1 would like to join.

    Send me a PM with a Username and Password and you will never have any problems getting on to my ventrilo server.

    Just Trying to Help Fellas xDDD
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    TDU has voip. Plus that would lag me to much in tdu.

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    did you tried Team Speak?
    i use it nad i dont lag in the game, and i havent got a wonderful pc eh.
    I used Ventrilo but then...anybody used it anymore and i went to Team speak

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