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    LOL - I did just discovered a thing! The police car in TDU looks very smiliar like a Saab 900! So i think it would be a great idea to create a police car in a more Saab style most becuse i think it will get a nicer look while the TDU police car is wery "undetailed"!? Anyway, i found some other cool police cars!

    Saab 900 (the hotest car in the world) :

    I like this one:

    Also cool:

    Must be the fastest in the world!:


    Don't read this, it's just wasting your time.

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    Hahaha saab (lägg av) If there should be any cop cars take like the classic Crown Victoria, Caprice etc etc..

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    I thought the same...a Police Car would be greate...perhaps after my R8 and TA i will build one
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    If you can made a police car, then i'm so happy


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