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    Quote Originally Posted by gameforge »

    Right now its snowing in my country, and i was thinking is it possible to make a snowmod for tdu, so i can see snow ingame XD

    It would be easy enough to make the textures white (I guess), but it wouldn't work because the embankments are not possible at this time. For me, that wouldn't be worth it. I'd want to see a foot of snow on either side of the road, not just white grass.

    But you never know! Modding is expanding pretty quickly...


    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzza
    ...Norton deleted it.
    Maybe you should return the favour to Norton.

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    How about maybe that kind of snow that floats down gently and evaporates before it hits the ground? And then maybe add some permanent clouds (during the snow) or something, cause i'm sure it doesnt snow with intense sunlight.

    Just my thoughts

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    Lol I have been thinking if this could actually be possible.. But I have to say no. Sorry. The only thing you could 'replace' with the snow is the papers and birds. So unless you can make those fly slowly right in the ground, I don't think we could have snow. Snowy ground, however, should be a bit easier.

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    The idea is great i would love to drive in snowy TDU but if anybody made it would be nice if the snow would stay on the car and when you drive longer that the car gets dirty from snow

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    Maybe snowing isn`t possible, but snow on asphalt?? I think it`s possible - only change textures

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    Please check the date of threads before you post. Thanks

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    Stop acting like a mod when you aren't. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadMetis »
    Then I woke up in France...

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    Shouldn't i've told him then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safiro »
    Shouldn't i've told him then?
    You did the right thing, tWm. shouldn't of told otherwise.

    But you did the right thing in the wrong thing. Bumping this thread was better than making a new one.


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