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    Can i add a player without seeing him on the map?? So say I wanted to add, well lets say 'Diablo', is there anyway I can just input his name somewhere without him needing to be online?

    Also, what does being friends with someone actually do? How does it help and what does it help with?

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    Those are nice questions and have one more...How do you access your friends list?

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    The interface is very basic and finding people is not easy (I have just added some tips in the cruise, meetings thread). Because it's the same as the Xbox 360 version you can't type peoples names to find them like you can with most PC multiplayer games. This makes finding people very hard and a bit hit or miss.

    You have to first add a person as a friend and you can only do this by meeting them in the game and they must be in the same session as you. If you are not in the same session you will not see each other. Even if you are both in the same place at the same time you can still be in different sessions.

    It is a lot easier to find people on the map when they are added as friends. Just use the filter option in map view, select players online tab and then at the bottom you can choose only display friends. There are a few other options like only display club members etc.

    This is the only way of doing it and I haven't worked out how you can list all your friends. It looks like you can only see your friends if they are online. So if you select friends using the filter you should see red dots on the map if they are online.
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    So basically there's no way to see your friends list...I thought so...:eek_blue:



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