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    Default The Creation for the Ultimate Driving Game/Sim

    Its an awkward way how I came up with some ideas was when I was taking a shower. (I seem to think the most while in the shower.)

    Alright here it is. You know how racing games and sims are lacking nowadays. Well...I have a solution (kind of, still working out the funding).

    Driving Physics Engine: Best created by LFS and rFactor shall create the most realistic driving physics possible in order to make wheel users and even controller users to be able to enjoy the feel.

    Damage Physics Engine
    : Best created by Grid and Forza 2 using their extensive knowledge of damage modeling, crash charactistics and how damage effects your car.

    Engine Sounds: Best created by PGR4, Forza 2, GT series and NFS. The sound recording in those games are just superb and will be a great addition to the game.

    Car Selection: Cars from the games PGR, Forza 2, GT series, NFS, Grid and F1.

    Car Customization: Forza and NFS. nuf said.

    This is just coming out to being a combination of games that if they combined their efforts will create a game so spectacular that it will never stop being played by racing enthusiats.

    If I have missed anything please feel free to add. Please specify what game features will be in what category, make some up that I haven't mentioned and think of anything and everything you can to make game something that everyone would buy.

    We want this a close to living it but just in your living room or on your computer.

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    Yay, now all they have to to create it...

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    Lol imagine what would happen if all those peoples actually did get together and made a game What a game i would be

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    From ur selection, TDU turns out to be the worst driving game ever ...ok these games got better physics (NFS only sounds and that's it, period) but none of them has better selection of cars and most of all, environment.
    Best driving game would be:
    -rFactor physics
    -TDU car park...models&interiors, stock cars customization is minor issue IMO, I wanna drive, not spend my time in virtual garage mounting some stupid spoilers, and I hate those Spartan GTR interiors anyway
    -TDU environment&graphics, FTW (+ weather effects & night/day cycle of course)
    -GTR/Race07 sounds
    -Maybe one of these X360/PS3 games damage model (I couldn't tell since I'm a strict PC gamer) and honestly, there's no PC game with a satisfying damage physics so far.

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    FlatOut has good damage

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    Flatout : Ultimate Carnage and Carmageddon have the ultimate damage...

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    Physics of rFactor? Hmm, no!

    Sounds from Forza 2, Physics from LFS, Damage combined from LFS/Forza2. Environment provided by TDU (with a little roadworks to smooth the roads out a little).

    Modification from NFS/MCLA/Forza2.

    No game will ever offer everything though, they couldn't make money out of it after it was released. How do you improve the perfect game after all?
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

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    I thought GTR Evolution to have some pretty good sounds myself.

    But, no way would I want customisation. For the small bit of time I play ProStreet, Every time I went to race online there was something absolutely horrid! I mean, allowing pink paint in TDU was bad enough!


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