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    Default Musical Instruments

    I'm sure in parts of this forum, we have a lot of musical talent, and in other parts, a distinctive lack of it. I started this thread for people to use to post videos of them playing songs/covers or generally mucking about. Talk about what you play, any decent stories from gigs, your kit etc etc etc.

    To start us off, I'll post a video of myself playing Muse's Butterflies And Hurricanes on a Yamaha grand piano at school. I mucked it up a bit, but oh well.

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

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    I don't have any videos but I used to play Trumpet, Piano(still a bit) and drums.

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    Me haz no vid, but Iz play the saxophone

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    Just perfected the solo at the end of "The Day that Never Comes" by Metallica on my 1972 Gibson SG . (My brother has a Fender StratoCaster)

    And I can play Rock You Like a Hurricane, Rainbow in the Dark, Back In Black, Seek and Destroy, One, Raining Blood, and many other Rock / Metal songs near-flawlessly.

    But I don't have a video to speak of.

    B*tch, I'm like white Herman Li, lol.

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    I'm a bassist meself, watch out after the 28th as I will be uploaing the clips from my first gig with my band, scarlet sanctus.
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    Violin and a 20-GA Shotty

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    I play... nothing

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    taken piano lessons for 8 years now! i love it
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    I do a couple of classical things, but the only recordings I've got are still being sold commercially so I can't put up anything on the 'tube, sorry.

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    right, gig is out the way, it went BRILLIANTLY.

    our media guys couldnt be there so the only videos we got were from people's parents.

    we still dont know who's exactly so no videos on the 'tube yet
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    i play the horn on mums car when she is driving lol

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    I did Silver Strand by The Corrs once but quality was really bad so i took it off


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