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    Default Zune was sprayed from Microsoft's ass, and here's proof [video]

    This video is in no-way work safe and i pretty gross yet amusing at the same time...

    *not for the weak stomached*

    If the video above doesn't show click here to view it.

    please dont neg rep meh!
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    WTF did i just watched....

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    Meh, I watched the first 0:38 and was like "how in the hell is it NSFW, it's just some paint splashing on a canvas".

    And then, 0:39 came, in all its grace and splendour.

    For hell's sake, this reminds me of Tubgirl (which I don't recommend googling - if you have to know what's that, use Urban Dictionary).

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    Wtf ? I dont see the funny part


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