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    Default The F1 Olympics

    The F1 Olympics: Bernie wants to scrap points, use a medal system in 2009

    Posted Nov 20th 2008 7:58AM by Jonathon Ramsey
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    The points system used by Formula 1 has been the subject of debate for years. When the system was expanded after 2002 and began offering points up to eighth position, people thought that would create more suspense since Michael Schumacher was running off with the trophies every year. It didn't work, and now with Schumacher gone, all the points system tends to reward is consistency over winning. Lewis Hamilton won five races this year and Felipe Massa won six, but Lewis Hamilton is the world champion because he scored more points.

    F1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone wants to move to a medal system next year, awarding gold, bronze and silver to the top three finishers. The guy with the most gold at the end wins the championship. If that had been in place for this year, Felipe would have won the championship. If Lewis had won the last race in Brazil, he and Felipe would have been tied on gold medals and tied on silver medals, but Lewis has one more bronze medal (third place) than Felipe, so Hamilton would be champion. Will it happen? Bernie says the teams are behind it, so it only awaits a vote from the World Motorsport Council.

    From autoblog.

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    Seems better.

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    But how will they rank other teams/drivers who aren't in the top 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Car Freak »
    But how will they rank other teams/drivers who aren't in the top 3?
    Keep a ranking system for the top 8, just give 5th through 8th a similar scoring system as the one already being used.

    The only 8 drivers people care about are Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Heidfeld, Glock, Vettel, Fisichella, and Webber.

    And their associated teams. All others should have complete and utter disregard.
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    I think the points should stay, all motorsport operates a point system and it gives the rest of the feild some hope. If it goes to medals then whats the point in the rest showing up unless it rains.

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    I don't see what's wrong with the point system. It's been used by all forms of motorsports of centuries.

    Plus, it seems like there wouldn't be as many curveballs, especially towards the end of season/
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