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    Default New PC!

    Hey guys! Just got my new Personal Computer!
    Alright, seeing its Saturday in a few hours, here it is!
    Processor: Q6600 2.4 GHz
    Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum
    Hard Disk Drive: Western Digital 500GB
    Graphics Card: Xpertvision 9600GT 512MB
    RAM: Kingston 2x1GB 533MHz
    Casing: Enermax Chakra ECA3052 (note mahoooosive 25cm fan on the left panel)
    CPU Cooler: Asus V72

    I have yet to benchmark it but i'll definitely will
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    Do you think we care....????


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    You dont?!?! *horrified!*
    *Runs away, never to be seen again*

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    why should we care? :bananamad:
    j/k, congrats, and have a nice day

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    If you post a thread about it. Than we want to see the specs.


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