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    Default Original Models...

    Aston Martin DB5 (Same from Sean Connery James Bond Movies)
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage or not, just i hate the Zagato Design.

    Jaguar XK Convertible, featured in NFS3/4 PC version.

    Lotus Esprit without Lotus facelift, NFSII featured.

    TVR Cerbera Speed 12 ver. 1997, that looks more agressive than the 2000 2nd gen. , maybe the 2k 2nd GEN if the modeler want, bur NOT the Race ver. (large/wide body).
    '97 - Featured in the Test Drive 5, '00 - Featured in the Gran Turismo 4.

    Nissan R390 street ver., awesome car, Featured in TD5 and Runabout 2.

    ADD: Lamborghini Diablo '97 (strange ask) The VT body like the rear wheels that are total red(in SV the lights frame are black) and ariginal wheels, SV interior (NFSIIIHP)
    "I don't remember the autorthat had it on his build list, because changed the thread name, but i hope that he finish"
    "i tought: why not convert from X360 ver. but it's downloadable, the would be impossible, i tried the PS2 DVD, but the "Bnk" have only the "Sound", not "Cars".

    That's all, for the time being.

    Sorry my bad english, i don't know the expressions too much.
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    I never understood why they made an R390 Street. It's too wide to drive normally on the road and probably too expensive to buy one and maintain it . But yeah, i'd love to have an R390 too, but a GT1 , make it replace the S7 or something . Maybe someone will do one soon.

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    I wanted an R390 aswell, a better replacement is the Farboud, their top speed is equal so is the acceleration, and it can get renamed and stuff since there is only one of them =)


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