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  1. Delete all my post and my ac!
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    Delete all my post and my ac!
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  2. Delete all my post and my ac! Comments
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    Wow Now my AMV12V looks amazing, Great Mod!

    ModMod Edit: Removed Request
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    Nice looking

    But, for the umpteenth time! Use the GOD DAMN [GUIDLINES FOR POSTING THREADS]! By this, I mean, the thread titles. I know it's petty but for some reason I've spent the last 10 minutes (yes! literally!) correcting your mistakes and tidying the forum up.

    I shall even quote it for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo
    For mod creators in the thread title put your name, there is 2 reasons for this; 1) If you are well known and someone performs a search for your name then the threads will show up very easily and 2) Those who don't search can also see clearly the creators name of which they will probably know already.
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Really nice, good job here.

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    Looks very good

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    is it moved or deleted?


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