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    Default Many Super Cars

    Here are some suggestions for modders to help modding :]

    ~Ferrari F430 Scuderia
    ~Toyota Bigfoot
    ~Maybach 62
    ~Rolls Royce Phantom
    ~A Police car
    ~Bat Mobile
    ~Ferrari F2008
    ~Toyota GT1
    ~Aston Martin DBS
    ~Aston Martin One-77
    ~Lamborghini Estoque
    ~Remake the Aston Martin DB9 (Cause it's not made well)
    ~Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 - Maybe Roaster
    ~Project Kahn DB9
    ~Audi A4
    ~Bently Continental GT - Maybe Flying Spur
    ~BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept
    ~BMW 7-serise
    ~Bugatti Veyron GranSport
    ~Nissan 370Z
    ~Ferrari F575GTC
    ~Ferrari California
    ~Maserati 3200GT
    ~Mazda RX-7/8
    ~Pagan Zonda Cinque
    ~Porsche Panamera
    ~Rinspeed sQuba
    ~McDougell F-15 (A AirFighter, I've saw someone making a helicopter in NFSC)


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    you forgot the helicopters and bicycles and snowmobiles and space shuttles and ships...naah just kidding But i would add a caparo t1 and old lamborghini espada to your list!
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    o~ .

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    The 370Z is really ugly....

    70's Challenger would own, if there is a way to swap the body for a car with a lower ride height, and then build it on that.

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    Wtf Audi A4 supercar


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