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    Default Jonny's problem....

    Ok, lets say theres a person called Jonny. And lets say he did something really really stupid he now regrets. He downloaded a dodgy illegal TDU megapack. When it downloaded, Jonny entered the activation key he got with the origional game into the megapack. He then tried to play online on his usual profile but the message "Failed to connect to the TDU server" kept popping up. So, Jonny tried deleting the radial.cdb file but to no avail. So now Jonny can not play online anymore.
    So my question to you is, how would you help Jonny with his problem. Aside from pointing out he is an idiot for downloading a shady megapack copy in the first place.

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    well first off... yes, you are.... sorry... yes, "jonny" is an idiot for downloading the illegal megapack in the first place. now to get rid of it my only suggestion is to uninstall TDU, delete andythin to do with the megapack (except your savegame) and get rid of the file named Addon (beside Radial.cdb)

    then reinstall TDU

    hope this helps and also teaches "jonny" a lesson
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    Thanks.... I will let Jonny know and tell you if he manages to get it to work again. Jonny feels very stupid

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    The Megapack requires it's own Multiplayer Key, inputting your TDU serial will not work and even worse, inputting a known pirate code for either the TDU game itself or Megapack will result in the code being checked against Securoms database of invalid codes and if there's a match your IP and some other details will be logged for any future action.
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    I tried deleting anything to do with the megapack and then re installed the game, keeping my savegame data but i've still got the same problem. I don't think theres any way to solve this one Anyone able to offer any help?

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    try dating your settings back to before you installed the game.

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    Well I have this very same problem (shame on me) I can't connect. Have anyone worked out a solution for this? Thanks.

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    [mod edit:]Please don't talk about illegal pirating on this forum, thanks!
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    Alright you could stop talking about pirated stuff >.>


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