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    Default XBL Connection Issues

    Having Xbox LIVE Connection issues?

    In the past few hours, the Xbox Operations Center noticed that large number of members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE, some more than once. Our Engineering teams are actively working to determine the root cause of this issue and to prevent it from happening again. If you are disconneced, you should be able to reconnect after a few minutes. Thanks for your patience as we work quickly to solve the issue.

    From Major Nelson

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    Things are looking promising for the update eh.

    I hope XBL dies after they bring in the stupid avatar crap, will teach them a lesson. Xbox is for gaming, Wii is for gimmicks.
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    Yeah, I kept getting disconnected from XBL whilst playing Fable 2 yesterday, was really annoying, ran the "troubleshoot connection" thing and everything was fine so got a bit confused...

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    I've been on forza for over two hours now racing and running out of petrol and I've not been disconnected once. All is good at my end

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    struggled connecting to live this morning, changed the ethernet port on my router, tested connection and it worked fine
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    Yeah I was on UNO for some time during that issue. No problems as of late

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