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    Default To Win... you first have to Finish

    This is great!

    Source: [Axis of Oversteer]
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    captin slow on a rally

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    Huh? Why did they swap and why did he get into the bonnet? *confussed*
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    The throttle cable snapped. Sorry should have mentioned that.
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    Lmao at the random horn .

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    wow that's pretty insane... but isn't the engine, like, HOT??

    This is what I love about rallying... Ingenious solutions to whatever mechanical problems happen to surface. Just can't imagine the consequences of having to do a sudden stop...

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    That is crazy. So the guy was controlling the throttle with his hand, in the engine bay, while the copilot steers? Insane. This rallying sport, its freaking insane.
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