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    Default requesting a hud/camera mod

    any way to make the hud disapear in photo mode?

    or to make some kind of TV camera while you are driving, I want to make videos using this game but its impossible with bad camera angles

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    There is a rare glitch if you keep entering photomode, taking a photo, then quickly pressing back, your camera might glitch. But its a pain in the proverbial butt to make a whole video out of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ///AMGedUP »
    any way to make the hud disapear in photo mode?
    Take the photo? Add it into the video with the sides cropped off ... Or you wanting to film you moving the camera round in photomode?

    I find, for some fairly cool close-up shots, go buy the car and film the scene once youve bought it. Make sure autosave is off though! (I think it can be turned off :S)
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