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    How can I sell a car I own to a specific person? Because I bought a car for my mate ready for when he gets the game and I want to make sure knowone else buys it.

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    You can't unfortunately, the best way to enable a mate to buy a certain car is get them to put up a cheap car or bike for the same that the car he wants to buy. As it's a cheap car at a stupid price noone will buy it but if you go the other route and try and sell a cheap car on the trade to him then chances are it will get snapped up by someone else anyway.
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    Ok thanks! +rep

    (I sent you a PM by the way

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    That happened to me! I told my friend on TeamSpeak to get ready to buy my stage 3 Enzo. I put it up dor 695,000 so he could afford it. I said refresh and buy it. Before i could even finish the sentance i sold it to someone online! My friend missed his chance! That was my record time sale, 2 sec.

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    i sold a f430 for 2,000 for a friend when he checked when i posted it it was allready sold on the market for about 15 seconds

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    Yeah, people sit sometimes and wait for bargains.. You need to be extreamly swift with this..
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