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    Default New Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M

    Officially Official: Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M to celebrate F1 title

    Posted Nov 9th 2008 7:10AM by Sam Abuelsamid
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    Click the Scuderia Spider for a high res gallery

    After winning its 16th Formula one constructors championship last week, Ferrari has chosen this week to release a open top version of the F430 Scuderia. The Scuderia Spider 16M gets all the goodies from the lightweight Scuderia coupe like the 510 hp 4.3L V8 and the 6-speed F1 paddle shift gearbox. Ferrari is claiming the Scuderia Spider is the fastest open top model they've ever tested around the Fiorano test track, presumably beating out even the might F50 of decade ago. The Scuderia is 176 lbs lighter than a standard F430 spider at 2954 lbs dry. That's claimed to be good enough for a 0-62 mph sprint in 3.7 seconds and a terminal velocity of 195.7 mph. As a limited series model Ferrari has of course added lots of distinguishing features like a carbon fiber shell around the roll bar, number plaque on the dash and special interior trim packages. Only 499 Scuderia Spiders will be built and they will undoubtedly be priced higher than the $277,000 US base price of the coupe. For those with access to that much disposable cash, it will surely be worth the price of admission. The press release is after the jump.

    Gallery: Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

    [Source: Ferrari]

    Special series Scuderia Spider 16M unveiled at World Finals in Mugello to celebrate Prancing Horse's 16th F1 Constructor's title

    Scarperia, November 9th 2008 - Ferrari has chosen to unveil the new Scuderia Spider 16M at the World Finals in Mugello in celebration of its recent victory in the Formula 1 Constructor's World Championship 2008. This new high performance sports car features the very best of Ferrari's latest mid-rear-engined 8-cylinder technology. In fact, the Scuderia Spider 16M is faster round the Fiorano circuit than any other Prancing Horse open-top road car yet built. This truly evocative special series model, of which just 499 unique examples will be produced, is aimed at the most passionate clients, drivers who demand both exclusivity and superb driving pleasure.

    The Scuderia Spider 16M is available in a choice of two new signature colour schemes: the standard version is black with grey trim, while a tricolour livery is also available as part of the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme. The new car also sports a special plaque on its rear grille commemorating Ferrari's 16th Constructor's World title. The exclusivity of the interior is underscored by the silver "limited series" plaque just above the air vents at the centre of the dashboard. Other exclusive features include a roll-bar with carbon-fibre outer shell and a specific new generation audio system that can be combined with the removable customised Ferrari iPod Touch 16 GB with central dock just in front of the dashboard.

    From a technical point of view, this car has a dry weight of 1340 Kg (80 kg lighter than the F430 Spider). This, combined with the 510 hp provided by its V8 engine and a power-to-weight ratio of 2.6 kg/hp, means that it delivers blistering 0-100 kph acceleration in just 3.7 seconds and a superb top speed of 315 kph.

    A new section dedicated to the Scuderia Spider 16M, complete of technical specifications and images is available online at


    Naturally aspirated mid-rear 90° V8, 4308 cc
    Maximum power output 375.4 kW (510 hp) at 8500 rpm
    Maximum torque 470 Nm (47.7 Kgm) at 5250 rpm
    Max engine speed 8640 rpm (at limiter)
    Compression ratio 11.9:1
    Bore and Stroke 92 mm X 81 mm
    Specific power output 118.4 hp/litre

    Six-speed plus Reverse F1 gearbox
    Dry dual clutch
    Electronic differential E-diff + F1-Trac
    Oil gearbox lubrication with oil/water heat exchanger

    Performance, fuel consumption, emissions
    Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.7 s
    Maximum speed 315 kph
    Drive weight/power 2.6 kg/hp
    Fuel consumption 15.7 l/100 km (combined ECE)
    CO2 emissions 360 g/km (combined ECE)

    Chassis and bodywork
    Car dimensions:
    - Length 4512 mm
    - Width 1923 mm
    - Height 1216 mm
    - Wheelbase 2600 mm
    - Front track 1669 mm
    - Rear track 1616 mm
    Dry weight * 1340 kg (-80 kg vs F430 Spider)
    Kerb weight * 1440 kg
    Weight distribution 43% front, 57% rear
    Fuel tank capacity 95 litres
    Independent front and rear forged aluminium double wishbone suspensions, titanium helical springs, hollow anti-roll bars and lighter electronic shocks
    398mm X 36mm carbon-ceramic material front brake discs with aluminium 6-pot callipers
    350mm X 34mm carbon-ceramic material rear disc brakes with aluminium 6-pot callipers
    19" five-spoke split rims front and rear
    Tyres: 235/35 front and 285/35 rear; Fabbrica Pirelli PZero Corsa only

    Electronic control systems
    CST Stability and Traction Control System. Steering wheel-mounted manettino with five settings to integrate the F1 gearbox, CST and F1-Trac (Stability and Traction Control System), suspension control. *Figures refer to the European market versions

    source- Auto Blog

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    that looks awesome probably the best looking soft-top for a while?

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    nah, viper is sexier

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    I hate the rear end of the Scuderias, Coupe and Spider alike

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    Its so hot.

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    Nice. I like it

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    They shouldn't have made a convertible Scuderia, just ruined it. It's like making a convertible 360CS or FXX . It = *sigh*...

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    ooooooooooooh me <3 it

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    Wooow, a modern Ferrari that looks good!

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    Default Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M Spider

    I saw this car in the real life, and from that moment I love it!
    I hope someone will make it!

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    You saw it in real life but only hope someone will make it? Hmm...
    U mad bro?

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    For TDU...

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    Even though it already was..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summoned Cabbage »
    For TDU...
    That makes more sense lol
    U mad bro?


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