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    Default Simple Ruf RT 12 mod

    Well I just would like a real simple (or so I think) quick mod for the Ruf (Porsche) RT 12.

    What Id love would be to have this Porsche GT2 steering wheel and hopefully, very similar Gauge Cluster and the clock on top of the dashboard as in the picture below. If you cant do a functioning clock, can you just put it there with a static needle?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Firstly - this is a good idea, I'd like this too. Unfortunately, my main idea is not "simple" - I'd personally like the whole car.

    Secondly - this isn't actually that "simple," but someone's actually done a similar thing. Let me find the link...

    Recocnize the third picture down?


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    ...Norton deleted it.
    Maybe you should return the favour to Norton.

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    OHHHH I hope he does a good job on this, so far, the gauge cluster looks awseome!

    The model I think looks very very similar to the GT2, apart from the Rear wing. Id leave the model alone and spend time on the badges, and interior.

    Cant wait!

    I just noticed its been a while since hes posted anything new. hopefully hes still working on it.
    But if anyone here can mabey do the mod? Im trying to learn how to do this.


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