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    Default Digital Gauges

    Why didn't anyone think of this before, to make Digital Gauges(TVR Tuscan, T440, Cadillac Cien, etc.) to make them work, it would be great.

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    To be honest. If Atari couldn't do them, I strongly doubt anyone here can.

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    AGAIN! The Tuscan has working gauges, you just can't see them in normal light, but at the correct angle the light will show them.

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    If they work, can't a mod make them visible normally?

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    Only the digital dashes that are based on moving dials (such as in the Tuscan S) can be made visible and working. Any of the dashes that have moving bars or numbers (such as the Mustang GTR or sequential bars in the TVR T440R) probably can't be made to work right, unless Atari/Eden/Infrogames/whoever-owns-the-TDU-rights-at-this-moment releases a SDK for TDU so that we can make mods easier.

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    i change all the digital HUD to the RX8.bnk or XJ220.bnk..


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