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    Default Clutch

    Just a question to the people

    Do you use Auto-clutch or Manual Clutch?

    I use manual cause if you're gonna race it's as fast, if not faster than the paddleshift. But the auto-clutch is better for normal cruising since it's smoother.

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    I'm usually using auto-clutch when I'm cruising etc. But for racing I use manual clutch. (Although a little bit annoying using clutch with a button.)

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    I use manual Clutch all of the time (Even in flappy paddle shift cars - don't ask why though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Mouse »
    I use manual Clutch all of the time (Even in flappy paddle shift cars - don't ask why though)
    I find myself doing the same thing! Even when paddle shifting!
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    Manual clutch all the time.

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    I use a keyboard so Auto transmission for me.

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    I use keyboard to drive too, I use manual gearbox with manual clutch 100% of the time, its way more fun I cant drive with auto lol and its much faster than autoclutch. thats why I dont like cars with paddle shifting, manual FTW!
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    Default Da Clutch a Musta

    try get used to using clutch and manual processes, it makes the game 60% more interesting, I would find it impossible now to drive without H mode and using auto controls. you can gauge you control and overwrite your steering and grip more with manual controls.

    D clutcha a de musta, wink
    Invite some cheerleaders around too to make it even more fun!!!!!

    lesbiana da musta! (falls off chair laughing)
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    Manual, but not in paddle shift cars O_o

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    Manual for me

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    HC mode, no driving assists, and clutch all the way!!

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    Hey im one of the best keyboard drifters around in TDU & trust me its alot harder to drift a auto in this game as the game tends to shift gears at the worst moment & you have to be able to compensate for that.

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