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  1. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Default Unsure about which game to buy!

    Right I have myself a dilemma.

    I have 3 games to choose from. I want you guys to help me choose which game to buy. Already pre-ordered Mirror's Edge on the 360 and I have way too many PC games so I want to get another 360 games as I don't really have that many. I have roughly 20 to spend and have a choice between Burnout : Paradise, Battlefield : Bad Company and Ace Combat 6 or another game which you would recommend!

    I have heard good things about all games.

    - I like the look of Burnout and the selection of cars and forthcoming DLC.
    - Not heard too much about Bad Company but a couple of people have said the single player campaign is very well done and the online is pretty good.
    - Ace Combat 6 I know Diablo has and I really like the idea of flying a jet around online and bombing targets!
    Or maybe there is another game I haven't mentioned which you would recommend?

    I will be buying one of these games tomorrow at some point so I will stick a poll up and you lot can vote.

    So yeah thats my opinions about the games but I want you to help me decide and if you can give some information to back up your decision!
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  2. Speed is offline Can You Feel It?
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    Voted for another game, ie Gears Of War 2. Wont get for 20, but worth saving up for or so I've heard.

    P.S. I've heard there's a Deal Or No Deal sequel on it's way to stores near you!

  3. T3hReaper91 is offline Car Aficianado
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    I Voted For Another Game As Personally You Hardly Play On All Your Games Anyway. You Have Bought A Few Games That You Have Had For Months But Not Even Installed Them On Your Pc Or Played Them On The 360.


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  4. iBilo is offline ;)
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    I agree with Reaper, you don't need to buy every game you see in the flipping shop.

  5. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Meh... I have already said I don't want another PC game this time but one for 360. The games that are listed on 360 such as "The Club" etc.. are on PC but are though Games for windows live. The reason I haven't played that many of my games for PC is that Far Cry 2 has sort of taken over and i'm addicted to it.
    I then spent the whole of last week on Midnight Club trying to get some decent cars and have become addicted to that after a couple of people recommended it to me and I went out and bought it last Saturday.

    Also if this is gonna turn into a "Why are you buying more games if you already have too many and don't play them" argument then this topic should well be closed as it's no good for anyone.
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  6. Pherelas is offline I'm Going Slightly mad
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    Found out today Sainsburys sell brand new games for 30 (not all of them), Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 in there.

    Out of them i'd go for Battlefield, but never played any of them, just never liked burnout (old ones) and flight games don't tend to work on consoles (imo obviously).
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  7. t.
    t. is offline Retired
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    Ace combat is a good game, its frustrating though. Get that.

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  8. Diablo is offline I'm Delicious!
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    Depends what you're after, you want something with a good single player as well as multiplayer or is multiplayer more important to you. Ace Combat is good offline but not much fun online, there isn't many people online in that game, Burnout is fun, that's a given, BF:BC is not as good imo as BF:Modern Combat which was online perfection in fun and playability.

    Other games I would recommend, hmm I would probably say pickup Rainbow Six Vegas 2, brilliant story campaign that you can play in coop and the online is great fun. Or why not take that 20 and trade in some game towards Fallout 3 or Fable II or something.

    In the end it comes down to what you like, I won't be buying GoW2 because it's not my kind of game but I know others will and that's fine, just like I like some games and others don't, it's all down to if you will enjoy it, that imo is the main thing.
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  9. iBilo is offline ;)
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    Frontlines Fuel f War is amazing, its only a tenner and you can get 50 people on a single server! The game is very well done, the graphics are a bit old but a great game to play.

  10. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    I have got both Frontlines and Vegas 2 for PC so I don't think there would be any point in getting any of them for the 360. I'm now leaning towards Burnout and Ace Combat or saving for Fallout or Fable. So still not exactly sure yet!

  11. Mb
    Mb is offline The Photographer
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    Save up and get Left 4 Dead.

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  12. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mb »
    Save up and get Left 4 Dead.
    Already got it on Preorder on PC. PC version will be so much better than the 360 version

  13. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    Not to sure tbh as they are different types of game. Burnouts good but I haven't been on that in a while but thats good if you like speeding about and crashing. Other good cheap driving sims are PGR4 and Forza (I've seen you've played them) or Colin Mcrea Dirt, I really enjoyed that game, good fun but its rubbish online.

    Ace Combat I haven't played but there is tons of DLC for it. and the other one isn't really my cup of tea. If you want a cheap shoot em up one go for CoD4 or wait for CoD 5, online is brilliant on that (not that I play it alot) or RSV as lots of people play that still.

  14. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Ok I am going to take a couple of games down to game and trade them in and then buy either Dead Space, Gears Of War 2 , Fable II or maybe something else. A few of you have said that I should wait for a better game and I think this is the next best thing.

    I hope i'm doing the right thing?

  15. PKGTR is offline WAT Racing Development
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    Midnight Club LA is not so bad.

  16. The Queen is offline <3 Ferrari F50
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    Already got it. Ended up buying Fable II anyway as I traded in some games and got about 17 for them and only had to pay about 20 towards it

  17. Nipper is offline \/ The REAL TDUCk \/
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    Mirror's Edge looks to be fantastic, when I first saw it (a loooooooong time ago, loooong before any magazine ever picked up on it, being in the trade ftw!) I thought it would fall flat on it's face.. After playing the demo though, wooow, I am hooked, want more!

    Gonna get it as soon as I can woot.

    Ps. Sorry for crashing your topic TSS.
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