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    Default Would it be possible to make a XLR-V gangsta style?

    Hi there guys! I've been trying to make the XLR-V look like a gangsta style... I started with the taillights but I think I made something wrong because instead of beeing black they were white, totally white... I also tried to change the front grill to make it darker and couldn't get it?

    Can someone help me or make it?


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    uhm... so, can someone help sergiogon and me pls? ( i asked to him but it doesn't work, so.. we need a bit of help) >_<

    "Impossible is nothing"

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    Replace the XLR with a 79 Firebird Trans-Am, then someone would actually buy it

  4. Rodrighazzo is offline I'm the king of glitches!
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    uhm, i would like to have it, anyone knows how to do it? cos is just to repaint some pieces, nothing else <.<

    "Impossible is nothing"


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