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    Default A big 'hello!' to everyone! This game is so awesome!

    Hello to everyone here! My name's Alphonse. But you can call my Phonse or Fonz for short. I'm quite new to the TDU scene since I just got it 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it! It's like the Oblivion of car games! Big world, lots to places to explore, gorgeous sceneries and a hell lot of stuff to do!

    Anyway, as much as I like to play this all day, I can't. But I'm working on it. I only have 1 house though, it's the flat in the middle of the city. My current cars in-game are the Audi TT, the TVR Sagaris and the Caterham CSR 260. They may not be the best looking (well... all of them look good, some just better and cooler) but they're the cheapest and fastest available. I especially love the Caterham! Lovely handling and insane acceleration but marred by the limited top speed.

    Anyway, before I bought the game I looked up some screenshots and the system requirements. It looked really nice though my laptop barely met the minimum and I took a gamble which didn't mean much since my desktop, I believe is fast enough to run it maxed out (Athlon X2 + Geforce 8800 GT), but I move around a lot and prefer playing on my lappy. To my surprise, the game ran fine at 1024x640 with 2x AA, no HDR, low settings. What's odd is that low, medium and high had very subtle differences in image quality. HDR makes it look a bit more 'photorealistic' (and kills performance too!) but thankfully HDR isn't suited to my taste. Ever played Race Driver GRID? The HDR in that game is overkill. It runs at over 30-40 FPS in most areas but dips to 15-20 when I crash. And the game still looks fantastic! I wish we had more options though like going for simpler shadows since I really do appreciate racing games at 60 FPS even with some visual compromises, just like the case of Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 (the cars in GT4 still look good by today's standards though). BTW, I did rename one of those folders so that the 'flying paper and birds' would be removed and it did increase performance by 5-10 FPS even if it only removed a very negligible part of the visuals, which aren't even there all the time.

    God... You won't believe how hooked I am on this game, just like Oblivion when I first got it! I try to play it every time I got free time and I pack my controller with me now all the time since it's hard to play it with the keyboard. I can blab even more about the game but this post is ridiculously long enough already.

    Anyway, thanks for having me guys! I'll post some screenshots soon! As for me? Off to play TDU this whole weekend!

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    to TDU:C

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    Hi Phonz! It still amazes me this game draws in new gamers after so long of being on the shelf I think Atari are in great debt to YouTube for the promotion of the game!

    Enjoy modding TDU too
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Hello Fonz, welcome to TDU!
    Are you really from Manila, if so, then RB will be happy!

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    Yep, RB will be VERY happy.
    Welcome fellow Asian!

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    Hallo! *HI-5*

    I think we had two other Filipino members on here, both disappeared. O_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by RB26DETT »
    Hallo! *HI-5*

    I think we had two other Filipino members on here, both disappeared. O_O
    'Cuz you tried to mount them

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    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARK1992 »
    'Cuz you tried to mount them
    I thought they were Range Rovers.

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    to the board! Enjoy your stay!

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    Welcome into one of the nicest Test Drive Unlimited communities on the net!


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