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    Default Honda New Legs Elderly

    Honda unveils leg assist machine for elderly

    7 hours 50 mins ago
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    Honda Motor, a pioneer of humanoid robots, on Friday unveiled a new walking assist machine designed to make it easier for the elderly to climb stairs and help factory workers.
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    The computerised leg device is the latest addition to walking technology developed by the Japanese automaker, which announced the world's first two-legged walking robot, ASIMO, in 2000.
    The 6.5 kilogramme (14.3-pound) device -- consisting of a saddle, leg-like frames and shoes -- can reduce the load on users' legs while walking or climbing and descending stairs by supporting bodyweight, Honda said.
    Honda said the motor-powered machine is still at an experimental stage, but elderly people and people undergoing rehabilitation who need support for their leg muscles and joints are the main target.
    The device is also expected to help assembly workers to keep a crouching position, Honda said, adding that it plans to test the device at one of its factories north of Tokyo.
    Like with a unicycle, users ride on the seat sustained by frames that can bend and extend like knees with two motors controlled by signals from sensors inside the shoes.
    "We used ASIMO's technology for developing the walking assist device," Masato Hirose, a senior engineer at Honda Research and Development, told AFP.
    "ASIMO is designed to be used as a tool, but the walking assist device is designed to complement real human bodies," he said. "Both will exist for the sake of people."
    ASIMO, which resembles a child in an astronaut suit, has been used as a receptionist and master of ceremonies at home and overseas, while dancing and singing with musicians at concerts.
    Honda has yet to decide on further details such as when the latest device will go on sale and at what price, but the company sees a market for it in Japan, which has an ageing population.
    "First, we hope to have visible results in rehabilitation and other medical fields," Hirose said. "Then we will look at welfare as another target."
    Last year, Honda unveiled its first walking assist device with a stride management system, which can help users move their thighs back and forth.

    From BTYahoo news
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    We men don't need that, we got 3 legs already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mb »
    We men don't need that, we got 3 legs already
    And two heads as well.

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    *gives 6 thumps up*

    100th POST!!!!:bananajump::bananadance3::bananadance:
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    So... something that basically walks for you?

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    *shakes head at first three replies of thread*

    Thats pretty awesome, The gadget show last week was testing something like that werent they?, i didnt see the end part but its repeated tomorrow morning so ill get back to you.

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    Yer hardly a first and you look a bit of a berk useing it.
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    Now the next stage is a proper super-human style exoskeleton that lets you perform insane jumps from rooftop to rooftop! Bwuhahaha!

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    Lol, sorry the pictures are funny. The invention itself is pretty damn cool.

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