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  1. HappyLuy is offline Ugh...idk? -.-
    Location: Germany
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    Default Gemballa Avalanche GTR 800 EVO

    Maybe the whole,maybe just mod one of the RUFs like that...



    (Btw,Gemballa is german too )

  2. SLRRR is offline Ace
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    Yes Gemballa FTW

    I hope the modders are making it, but that spoiler is huge

  3. Rodrighazzo is offline I'm the king of glitches!
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    and it has got a lot of details o.o

    "Impossible is nothing"

  4. Cipo is offline Epic Loser -_-
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    Wow what a monster, please make that car.

  5. tobbzzen is offline A crazy Swede
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    omg.. that is one hell of a car. *drowl*

  6. Porsche Carrera GT is offline HardCore Tuner!!!
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    really nice car!
    i hope one of the modders make it!

  7. SBCriss is offline Car Aficianado
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    Wow very nice car

    Instagram: crisseh95

  8. RB26DETT is offline Banned
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    nice car indeed but the huge spoiler put me off.

  9. me™ is offline *turbo whistle*
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    Get rid of the spoiler, the black bits, and the headlights, and it would be a nice car.

  10. EmKill is offline Mr.Stig B)
    Location: Italy,Bergamo
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    Looks great good idea


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