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    Default Dizzee Rascal for UK Prime Minister?!

    What d'ya think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBC News
    In a Newsnight discussion on whether the election of President Obama could help bring about a black British Prime Minister, hip-hop artist Dizzee Rascal puts his name forward to Jeremy Paxman.

    [Full Video Article]

    [Dizzee Snippit]
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    A prime minister who wants us to dance with him, nice!

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    Would rather shoot myself with a harpoon gun (or move abroad)
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    Lol I just watched this on the BBC website, he had a grin on is face the whole way through, I've seen him interviewed before and get the feeling he was purposely taking the piss.

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    Then I woke up in France...

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    Let me think about this...


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    No, if he does I'm moving abroad.

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    Could there be a black PM? Why should it matter, surly its about the person, not race. And doesn't Dizzee Rascal look well out of place talking to Jeremy Paxman.
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    I hate the way everyone has taken the significance of Obama as 'If you're black, you could be president' I look at it in the way 'Being black doesnt stop a good man being president anymore'

    Also,for Dizzee as PM... No
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    That would be nang if dizzie was PM.

    he doesnt have alot of competition though. brown is crapola

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    Yeah, do the Boogie Dance...

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    Lmao, if for some stupid reason he became priminister I think the whole country (except the chavs) would move out .


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