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    Default 1 online profile works.. the other doesnt O_O

    ok.. im a master at TDU.. finished it on ps2 xbox and pc.. BUT the pc one wont work O_O i have made a new one on pc and that will sign in fine but my profile called f6roadster wont.. it says that they werent able to log me in and to check my network conn and try again... but i use my other online profile and that works fine O_O.. also.. 1 thing.. trend micro anti virus HAS attacked our pc by deleting stuff like combat arms... and makes me put in the serial key every time i play TDU after about 6 hours... but i dont see why 1 works and the other wont log on? can anyone tell me what might of happened?

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    Can I just ask, is the copy of TDU legal? Did you buy it?
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.


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